My Biography….

Hello dear YL & OM, my name is Pasquale. I’m living in Aachen.
It is near the Dutch and Belgian border. ITU Zone 28 CQ Zone 14
First licenced in Belgium with the call ON2BFU (novice class, only 144 Mhz), later I got the call ON1DLB  (HAREC certificate,only VHF and higher bands) and later ON4DLB when the CW practice was not longer neccesary to  operate at HF bands and used this call till I moved to Germany in 2006, QRT till the summer of 2012 when  I picked up the hobby again with the call DC4CP.

My radio´s are:

  • Yaesu FT-817ND most used for portable/mobile use when I’m on short vacation.
  • Kenwood TS-2000X used only at home.
  • Older Yaesu FT-901DM because i like the warm sound this radio makes.
  • Kenwood TS-450S + KT-100 from LDG when mobile or longer summer vacation

Used antenna´s are:

  • HyendFed for 10 till 40 meter
  • GPA30 from Fritzel for 10,15 and 20 meter.


DSC_0038Yaesu FT-901 Line

My Antenna Setup  that I hope to improve soon….


Summer 2016

My ISO/ DC4CP Antenna, Spiderbeam 12 Meter Mast and 13 meter long end-fed wire antenna.

My “old” TS-450S from Kenwood and KT-100 from LDG

My vehicle and the famous DIAMOND HV-7CX mobile antenna on top…
(40 / 15 / 10m und 6 / 2m / 70cm and 20 and 30 with second coil)

The same “old” TS-450S from Kenwood and KT-100 from LDG now used mobile.

I member


SRW #082

For Award my Bird Province is: NUORO (NU)

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